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The Tonometer Market


There are several types of tonometers on the market with a prevalence of applanation tonometers such as the Goldman contact tonometer, the modified Tonopen tonometer, or the non-contact air-puff Ocular Response Analyser tonometer. There are also peripheral applanation tonometers such as the Pascal tonometer.


All these tonometers are based on the physical principle of applanation which, based on the Imbert-Fick law, predicts that the surface of the eye that is flattened (applanated) by a given force is proportional to the pressure inside the eye.


To the best of our knowledge, no certified self-monitoring Homecare tonometer exists at present.


The Tonometer Market:


USA: ophthalmologists own several devices

Europe: manual tonometers prevail

In Asia and in the rest of the world tonometry is booming.


Three leading tonometer manufacturers:


Reichert (USA/Germany)

Haag-Streit (Swiss)

Topcon (Japan)


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