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9 month trial


Vibration Tonometry: 9 month trial


iSonic Medical’s development:


The eye’s sensitivity to vibration has been identified during a first phase of digital modeling of ocular vibration.


We have analyzed ocular vibrations using an artificial eye model developed by iSonic Medical; studies conducted on ex-vivo animal eye allowed us to validate the ocular vibrations observed and finally, in vivo studies on an animal eye resulted in the identification of the relationship between these vibrations and ocular pressure.



Partners of iSonic Medical


Pierre Chapelle Agilite, Project Manager

Jean-Pierre Chambard director of HOLO3, Center of Optical Metrology

Professor Etienne Balmès, SDTools, Digital Modeling, vibration analysis expert

Nicolas. Borenstein, IMM Research, Veterinary Trials

Denis. Lebouteiller, Innovaction, Strategic Consulting

Serge Renickoff Scientific Advisory Board Manager


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